Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yum, yum~

Yesterday morning, I woke up like I normally do on a Saturday morning, which is late! Ha ha! Then I received a call from Bear, Syafiq. He asked for my help to handle some junior scouts in their training for their upcoming exams next week. So, I quickly rushed to school to lend a helping hand. There we had some more fun. Other than the fun we had ragging the juniors, we had a nice barbecue! Roasted chicken was on the menu. Yum, yum!

This is where we sit around and stare.

Jeman, the roast-chicken wrangler!

Ooo, nice!

Badak scratching his tight ass! Ha ha!

Scouts Camp...

Sorry to U guys for not updating my blog lately. Been quite busy. So, last weekend, us scouts had a camp for some activity which I not yet understand yet. I'm not helping U guys here, I don't understand what I'm saying myself but to make things easy, me and my friends as senior scouts were the facilitators for this camp thingy. It was fun I have to say.

Here are some picture of the camp, not a lot because I was kind of busy doing work! Ha ha!

Zaid, market guy on duty.

Keeping a lookout for trouble.

Busy, busy!

A creepy frog got smashed between the door. Iesh!