Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back To School...

Alright then, enough playing around forget the fun and out from holidays... Ha ha! So, today marks the last day of holidays, and yet I still haven't complete, assignments, projects and many more.




One more thing, I haven't even get my school stuff ready, iron my clothes, pack my bag, and I can't find my badge! Only been a week and everything gone hay wire.



Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. First of all, its a Monday and I hate Mondays! Never in the mood. There is going to be a long assembly I predict and a long day of learning. Plus, there is going to be some sports in the evening, some "Sukantara" shit. I have to attend because basically, I'm the house captain for the yellow house, Lowe. Go Lowe!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Sweet! Cool Capture!"

Hey guys, I would really like U all to look at this picture. Its so weird U know. I don't know what wrong with my phone at the moment. Its actually two different picture binded together pixelly. I don't know how or why but it just happend. Ha ha! I took the first picture and quickly shut the camera then I open the shutter once more and took another picture, alast this picture came out and in amazement I thought, "sweet! cool capture!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Leisure Mall?

My uncle dropped down from KL yesterday for CNY holidays. So, he decided to treat me and my brothers to a movie! Yeah! Unfortunately, there wasn't any great movie screening at the moment. Plus, all the other cinemas were already full, we had to go to Pelangi Leisur mall. So, we decided to watch Inkheart, staring Brandon Frasier. It was a movie a bout this one guy, Mortimer (Brandon Frasier), he is a 'silvertongue', meaning that when he reads a book out loud he can bring it to life, literally. it was an ok movie, I give is three and a half stars.

Year of the OX!

Happy Chinese New Year I wish too all my chinese friends and others who also celebrate it! I hope U guys have a prosperous year and can treat me to a new Prosperity Burger. Ha ha! Anyways, be carefull with the fire-crackers and slow down on the oranges, might get to acidic in Ur stomach and U might just shit Ur guts out! Ha ha!

Harish Rasydan

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Painting A Nightmare!

Damn, school holidays and still I got stuff to do. I don't mind doing stuff but stuff i don't admire doing is just stuff that stuffs me up in the stuffy place! Ha ha!

What I'm talking about is painting, and not just any painting, its painting a house, a huge house, plus its double-storey! What a nightmare! This thing lasted two days long, last weekend. On the Saturday, it was smoking hot! The sun was like having a vengeance at me, being so searing hot! But then on Sunday, he gave me a break, cooling down, covering himself with a blanket of clouds and snoring winds. So, that was the weather. Next, we look at the apparatus. I was provided a paint roller, a small brush, 2 buckets of paint, a paint box and a stick, not forgetting a 12 foot ladder. The canvas, a double-storey corner terrace house with rough sandy walls. Damn!

So, I started on that Saturday morning, it was about 10 am. Did the whole first floor with 3 coats! And then I continued on Sunday the second storey, also 3 coats. Did some touch-ups and finally!, I'm done! Tired shit man!
Oh yes, I forgot one more thing, That was just the sealer. Next time, I got to do the undercoat and finally the final coat. Damn!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm back!

Hye guys, I'm back and rearing to go!
So sorry I am for not being able to update my blog, been so busy lately, with school, activities, and so much more. Plus, I just got back my laptop, which has been in the 'ICU' for about a month. So sad. Sad for U guys but a real torture for me because it was hell for me without my laptop! Its such a valuable asset to me, not having it for this month had really blurred me up. I was struck by boredom and the only source of boredom kill for me was my faithful laptop. So happy I am to have it back!
So, not much to say at this moment but I'll freshen up my blog in the near coming future alright~