Sunday, January 25, 2009

Painting A Nightmare!

Damn, school holidays and still I got stuff to do. I don't mind doing stuff but stuff i don't admire doing is just stuff that stuffs me up in the stuffy place! Ha ha!

What I'm talking about is painting, and not just any painting, its painting a house, a huge house, plus its double-storey! What a nightmare! This thing lasted two days long, last weekend. On the Saturday, it was smoking hot! The sun was like having a vengeance at me, being so searing hot! But then on Sunday, he gave me a break, cooling down, covering himself with a blanket of clouds and snoring winds. So, that was the weather. Next, we look at the apparatus. I was provided a paint roller, a small brush, 2 buckets of paint, a paint box and a stick, not forgetting a 12 foot ladder. The canvas, a double-storey corner terrace house with rough sandy walls. Damn!

So, I started on that Saturday morning, it was about 10 am. Did the whole first floor with 3 coats! And then I continued on Sunday the second storey, also 3 coats. Did some touch-ups and finally!, I'm done! Tired shit man!
Oh yes, I forgot one more thing, That was just the sealer. Next time, I got to do the undercoat and finally the final coat. Damn!


Hariz said...

Good luck man!!
Looks like u had a great weekend..Lol
have fun!!hahaha..

harishrasydan said...

I wish~