Monday, January 26, 2009

Leisure Mall?

My uncle dropped down from KL yesterday for CNY holidays. So, he decided to treat me and my brothers to a movie! Yeah! Unfortunately, there wasn't any great movie screening at the moment. Plus, all the other cinemas were already full, we had to go to Pelangi Leisur mall. So, we decided to watch Inkheart, staring Brandon Frasier. It was a movie a bout this one guy, Mortimer (Brandon Frasier), he is a 'silvertongue', meaning that when he reads a book out loud he can bring it to life, literally. it was an ok movie, I give is three and a half stars.


Hariz said...

sounds like a cool movie..
Wel check it out..

harishrasydan said...

its ok laar~
beta den d oder crappy movies dat were screening~