Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm back!

Hye guys, I'm back and rearing to go!
So sorry I am for not being able to update my blog, been so busy lately, with school, activities, and so much more. Plus, I just got back my laptop, which has been in the 'ICU' for about a month. So sad. Sad for U guys but a real torture for me because it was hell for me without my laptop! Its such a valuable asset to me, not having it for this month had really blurred me up. I was struck by boredom and the only source of boredom kill for me was my faithful laptop. So happy I am to have it back!
So, not much to say at this moment but I'll freshen up my blog in the near coming future alright~


hafyz_dinh said...

da dpt laptop blk???
hahaha... =P

Hariz said...

Woah dude..
Din noe u got blog man..
Ahh,i noe how it feels if i lost my laptop 4 a month 2..
Damn sad wey..Lol

harishrasydan said...

I felt miserable lyk hell!!