Friday, November 28, 2008


Tired I am, so tired..
The school holidays haven't been so great for me.. Working, from day till night, as soon as I wake up, I have to already get ready for work, and then I'll only be back late into the night, midnight would be the latest.. For your information, I'm working at pizza hut part time just to earn some extra money and kill the boredom that I'll surely have during the school holidays.. Well, enough about work, lets talk about something else.. Um, me being so busy lately and not having any outside interaction other than the customers I tend to at work, I feel so lonely and bored.. My hand phone is another sad story, haven't topped it up in about 2 weeks already.. And the only messages I receive are from Hotlink or Maxis, some stupid caller ring tone and free movies stuff..
Other than that, nothing.. Blank..
Sad, so sad it is..
Bored, so bored it is..
Oh my, how should I get over this? People say, just deal with it, but I've dealt with it for so long already, and I'm sick of it.. Others say, do something fun and filling.. But what is there to do, my surroundings are just so plain and vain, nothing interesting..
Of course there would be some other opinions, like a friend of mine suggest me to find someone special.. I mean really special.. From the opposite sex..
I've actually thought of it a couple of times already but I don't ever get to it..
I do sometimes try, but trying would not get me anywhere right.. I must do it.. Although, I do, and yet I fail.. Fail miserably.. How pathetic..
Not the girls, but me.. I used to be a shy guy, but now after much encouragement from friends, I manage.. Manage to say Hi, and just keep quiet like a statue in front of a girl.. Its a little improvement right? Ha ha.. Again, pathetic..
I like girl, I mean, what kind of guy doesn't right.. But, liking is not like a crush, or so like love.. At the moment I like some, have a huge crush with one and with that same one begin to fall in love.. But as the Malay saying goes, "its like clapping with one hand".. How am I supposed to go on if I don't tell her.. Here I go again with my dumb love life which doesn't have a direction..
All the girls I like have this problem with me.. Its either, the already are in a relationship or they are not ready, or some just don't admire me as well as I adore them.. But some are way over the top and get on my nerves.. When I finally got the guts to tell them how I feel, they don't reply and suddenly disappear.. How evil.. Don't they care about how I feel? I don't think so..
That's another thing about myself, I care to much about others and less about me, something I don't even take care about myself.. But When I care about people, do I get anything in return? Some of them are great, they reply then care I give them and make me feel so happy.. I like to make people happy, I would do and try my very best to do so.. As long as they are happy, I will be happy..
Currently, this girl I have a crush on is the best one yet.. I've known her for a long time, about 3 years, but we don't actually know each other.. Not too detailed I'll say, I'm afraid she'd notice.. I had a crush on her since the first time I laid my eyes on her, standing there all dazed and confused in need of help.. Funny, I was there to aid her.. She said I was sweet.. Now, I guess I'm too late, shes in a relationship, not sure with who but she is.. As long as shes happy, I hope I'll try to be happy..
My friends, tell me, if I really like a girl, tell her, but how should I tell her if shes already taken? He says, just tell her and try to get her if I really like her even if it mean she'd have to break up with her current boyfriend.. But that a bad thing to do, disturbing and spoiling a relationship.. I'm not that type of person and I'll never be.. She's happy now, so if I really love her, I'd let her be..


Till next time~

Friday, November 14, 2008

Schools over! Here I come!

Alright, the exams are over, just, and now schools over. Cool, another long and boring holiday for me. Not much is planned for my holidays, here's a little list of what I might and may be doing during the holidays.

- Firstly, I already got a job at Pizza Hut, only working on weekdays.
- Then maybe I'll be taking my car and motorcycle licence, but it ain't confirmed yet.
- The first fun thing I'll be doing during the holidays is sleepover at Zaid's house.
- And then futsal on Sunday, 16th November.
- Planning to go to Starhill, but not sure when.
- Going to KL on the 28th till 30th November, there will be a gig on the 29th.
- Confirmed, as soon as I get my first salary, I'll have to treat my friends.
- Lots more fun stuff not yet planned, give me ideas.
- Update my blog.

The holidays would be like for about only one and a half months. It seems long if its boring, but try jazzing it up and have lots of fun, it'll be over sooner than you think. People say time flies when your having fun. So, if you don't want the holidays over quickly, make it boring. Ha ha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We finally met~

My life is very much the simple and some how more boring than usual type of life.. But then someone came into it and help me see the little joy that's left of it and how to appreciate it.. Her name is Shaimin.. Shes like the cutest girl I've ever met and is just so adorable.. We actually met like 3 years ago at her school prom, and since then everything was history.. We have good times chatting with each other, through calls and SMS or sometimes on myspace; thanks Tom!! Ha ha! Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that we never met after that prom night, we just became friends virtually and gained each others liking slowly but surely.. We think that each other are special and different compared to the stereotypes around us.. We act differently because that's what we like and enjoy doing.. Back to the main topic is that, we finally met, yesterday at the public library.. She was sweet to call me, using her brothers phone number.. She said she was going to the library and wondered if I'd liked to join her.. After the call, I just sat in front of the television, eyes stuck on the tele but my mind was already at the library waiting for her.. I asked her about what time she was going to be there and thought further, should I go or not.. The library wasn't far, just a short drive away, so I asked my mum to fetch me there.. When I arrived, enthusiasm and shyness of meeting her was going through my mind.. I thought of going back because I was afraid of meeting her, shy actually.. That's my one weakness against girls.. Especially with ones I adore.. Anyways, I entered the library, took the lift up to the second floor and held my phone in my hand.. I wanted to dial her number but then I thought why don't I just surprise her.. So I did, when I walked ahead approaching the glass door, I could see her already from far, she didn't really realise me at first but I just stood there for a while, cherishing that moment.. Then she looked up and those puppy-eyes just rolled up and saw me.. She smiled, I smiled back, and I went in.. Before I sat, I saw a friend, Adad.. Shook hands with him and sat down.. She was sitting across me.. Wearing a black shirt top and scarf with cute little jeans and shoes, she was looking adorable as usual but much more in person.. I said hi, she replied.. I was really thrilled but kind of shy meeting her.. But it was nice.. She was nice.. She said I was nice.. Everything was nice.. We chat and chat, well actually she was doing the talking and I was just listening.. Oh, I forgot, she was with one of her girlfriend and she also brought her brothers.. They were cute.. So, then we watched a movie, some cheap, low budget film called 'Ella Enchanted' which we thought was the real 'Enchanted'.. That was funny, we had laughs.. Whilst watching the movie, we continued chatting but not about ourselves, but some other people we commonly don't like.. We laughed at them, because they hated us, but who cares, we have each other and we love who we are.. So, just before the movie ended, she got a call, it was her mum, she was already there to pick them up.. She came to me, took my hand and said she had to go already in her cute voice.. I stood up and said alright then, why don't I walk you out.. She smiled.. Cute, again.. So, I walked her out and said our goodbyes.. She got into her car and her mother drove off, she waved at me, I waved back.. I was kind of sad to see her leave but also happy because I got to meet her in person.. I saw her off then I walked to the bus-stop in front.. I called my friend, Zaid who lived not far from there.. I asked if I could come over, he said I could.. He told me to wait at the bus-stop and he'll come fetch me.. While waiting for him, I received a message on my phone, it was her.. She said she was sorry if she was annoying, she said I was nice to accompany her.. I replied, it was OK, she was nice too but wasn't annoying at all.. She replied, she said again I was nice.. And so, my friend arrived..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting up~

Hey guys~

I'm Harish Rasydan, and this is my first official blog being written. I'm not new at this writing thing because I've written some stuff on the myspace blogs and most of them written when I'm bored. Those blogs ain't that good but the good stuff comes out when I get a little bit emo. Kinda cool when all emotions come out and I'd grab anything, a piece of paper, a card or even on a table, there I'll write stuff like poems or lyrics or even just what I feel and sometimes I draw whatever that don't even make sense. Ha ha!
And now, with this blogger thingy, I got somewhere I can let out everything and keep it, even show some people about how I feel. Feel free to comment my blog and give me ideas or pointers on what I should do to really jazz things up.
This is just a little introduction on whats more to come and I'll try to commit myself to this blog as well as I can.
I'll post some interesting stuff about myself and some cool topics.

Keep in touch alright~
Till next time, chow~