Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting up~

Hey guys~

I'm Harish Rasydan, and this is my first official blog being written. I'm not new at this writing thing because I've written some stuff on the myspace blogs and most of them written when I'm bored. Those blogs ain't that good but the good stuff comes out when I get a little bit emo. Kinda cool when all emotions come out and I'd grab anything, a piece of paper, a card or even on a table, there I'll write stuff like poems or lyrics or even just what I feel and sometimes I draw whatever that don't even make sense. Ha ha!
And now, with this blogger thingy, I got somewhere I can let out everything and keep it, even show some people about how I feel. Feel free to comment my blog and give me ideas or pointers on what I should do to really jazz things up.
This is just a little introduction on whats more to come and I'll try to commit myself to this blog as well as I can.
I'll post some interesting stuff about myself and some cool topics.

Keep in touch alright~
Till next time, chow~

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