Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minor surgery anyone?

Hers a funny story. My good friend Zaid was in pain, right after dipping into the river, he felt his third toenail on his left foot was hurting. When he checked, it was already halfway broken. So, as an experience doctor's grandson, I had a responsibility to him, so I helped him by performing a minor surgery. Utensils used are only a pair of scissors and some tissues. Here is a video of the whole procedure which took about a couple of seconds. Ha ha!!!

Swimming with the fishes

Swimming with the fishes actually means that you're already dead. Ha ha! Well, actually, my classmates and I just had a field study for our Geography subject and here are some scenes we conducted in the man-made river and the small jungle behind our class block. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cornflakes Madu!

Nothing much going on today.
Just went to school as usual.
Thought of going to catch a movie after that,
but I thought why watse watching a movie alone.
So, I accompanied Zaid for some Char-Kuey.
Then went back and slept.
Got up and went for a jog.
Came back,
had a bath and
munching down on honey coated cornflake till now...

Boring day laa...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lemak Pasca Raya

I'm on a mission now.
Recently, I decided to do something about my weight.
Yes, you heard me,
my weight.
Of course I realized that I'm overweight,
but I never really took it seriously,
but my friends are suddenly like so freakishly obsessed about loosing weight.
Why la?
I wonder,
so I decided and follow them.
And now, after a week of jogging and some basic exercise,
not forgetting a balanced diet,
I lost about 3 kilos.
That's not much,
but in the long run I guess its can change my world!

Tiring stuff.
But all it takes is just will power!