Monday, July 27, 2009

Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?

I just finished watching a movie, 'When Harry Met Sally'.
Its a wonderful romantic comedy about two people being freinds for a long time and being afraid to have sex.
Soon, everything took a hard turn and things started to get serious,
feeling came up,
love in particular.
They loved and lived happily.

Here are some of my favourite parts~

Harry Burns: You realize of course that we could never be friends.
Sally Albright
: Why not?
Harry Burns
: What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form - is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.
Sally Albright
: That's not true. I have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved.
Harry Burns
: No you don't.
Sally Albright
: Yes I do.
Harry Burns
: No you don't.
Sally Albright
: Yes I do.

Harry Burns: You only think you do.
Sally Albright: You say I'm having sex with these men without my knowledge?
Harry Burns: No, what I'm saying is they all WANT to have sex with you.
Sally Albright: They do not.
Harry Burns: Do too.
Sally Albright: They do not.
Harry Burns: Do too.
Sally Albright: How do you know?
Harry Burns: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.
Sally Albright: So, you're saying that a man can be friends wit
h a woman he finds unattractive?
Harry Burns
: No. You pretty much want to nail 'em too.
Sally Albright
: What if THEY don't want to have sex with YOU?
Harry Burns
: Doesn't matter because the sex thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story.
Sally Albright
: Well, I guess we're not going to be friends then.
Harry Burns
: I guess not.
Sally Albright
: That's too bad. You were the only person I knew in New York.

This movie really reminds me of someone...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pre-L D

Tomorrow, tomorow, I will start my freakin' car license people..
be amazed, be very amazed,
for I am about to become a driver.
I'm already a rider,
but I long to be a driver.
Wait for my vroomvroom!


I'm in love with a fairytale,
even though it hurts,
I don't care if I loose my mind,
I'm already cursed...

love hurts...
I hate cupid,
and aphrodite too!

Friday, July 24, 2009


startin driving classes this Sunday~
can't wait,
kinda excited and bored at the same time..
drivers and riders of the roads,
wait for my arrival!!!

I'm finally 18!

I'm finally 18 people!
well, act 18 years and 1 day already..
easy come easy go~
Thaks to the people who have wished me,
and the presents,
really aprreciate them...

Love you guys!

p.s. remember my birthday, 23rd July~

Monday, July 20, 2009

First day of Leo!

Oooo! nice~
my birthday is comin up this Thursday~
I wonder what I'll get..
I think I know some..
probably a bath of some shitty concuction from my friends..
the a bath again, but in words from some other friends, because I did somthing wrong,
I guess its going to be a bumpy ride..
so I better brace myself!

STPM anyone?

Today I had a test at school and going to have some more in the days to come. But today, again I just realized that the freakin STPM, argh!! fuck!!! Its still sitting round that freakin' corner!!!

3 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 15 Hours, 3 Minutes, 21 seconds ad counting...

Kinda stress???

Tired lah today,
kinda lazy to study,
but I kinda have to
but I kinda wanna sleep
and kinda wanna get a smoke first,
but I actually kinda wanna go out or something
or maybe kinda watch tv instead.

No no no!
Fuck la weyh!
stress stress stress!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new species!

I was just hanging around in my class,
when I heard a familiar sound,
it looked like there was something moving,
it looked like it was trapped,
had long legs,
dark skin,
it even had some fur,
especially under its chin,
I was amazed to see it trapped in a cage,
I sent some images to scientists,
they confirmed that it was a new species,
they congratulated me on the new finding,
they also gave me the honour of naming this new animal,
karthik, the talled indian guy that is so market!

Ha ha!