Monday, May 18, 2009

What the hell??


Love is all a liie!

my life is just a pity, being loved but not for long..
where as other have long time fairytales and truelove..
i feel happy only just for a while and not for long, never lasting..
even just for a while, i still kknow the true meaning of love..
it seems that in this misery full world of mine, no one would like to share forever true love with me and for now i'll stay like this as long as i can..
love is just a lie, a mask to cover up other unexplained feelings toward one another, ever so lustfull disguising itself in great blissfullness.​.​
love is just not true when u dont mean it and not foever in this new world ever changing..

love is just a lie...
all a big lie..