Friday, November 14, 2008

Schools over! Here I come!

Alright, the exams are over, just, and now schools over. Cool, another long and boring holiday for me. Not much is planned for my holidays, here's a little list of what I might and may be doing during the holidays.

- Firstly, I already got a job at Pizza Hut, only working on weekdays.
- Then maybe I'll be taking my car and motorcycle licence, but it ain't confirmed yet.
- The first fun thing I'll be doing during the holidays is sleepover at Zaid's house.
- And then futsal on Sunday, 16th November.
- Planning to go to Starhill, but not sure when.
- Going to KL on the 28th till 30th November, there will be a gig on the 29th.
- Confirmed, as soon as I get my first salary, I'll have to treat my friends.
- Lots more fun stuff not yet planned, give me ideas.
- Update my blog.

The holidays would be like for about only one and a half months. It seems long if its boring, but try jazzing it up and have lots of fun, it'll be over sooner than you think. People say time flies when your having fun. So, if you don't want the holidays over quickly, make it boring. Ha ha!

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