Friday, October 2, 2009

Lemak Pasca Raya

I'm on a mission now.
Recently, I decided to do something about my weight.
Yes, you heard me,
my weight.
Of course I realized that I'm overweight,
but I never really took it seriously,
but my friends are suddenly like so freakishly obsessed about loosing weight.
Why la?
I wonder,
so I decided and follow them.
And now, after a week of jogging and some basic exercise,
not forgetting a balanced diet,
I lost about 3 kilos.
That's not much,
but in the long run I guess its can change my world!

Tiring stuff.
But all it takes is just will power!


a d a h. said...

waa. keep working out veveh. HAHA.

zaidsukatimbulkankontroversi said...

you are not alone.

let's burn this freaking fats inside out!

a d a h. said...

keep holding on.

just burn that fucking fats inside out!.


harishrasydan said...

i'm out for fat genoside!
kill them, slaughter them, burn them!!!!

this is going to be d next holocaust!