Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ai caramba! Problemo, problemo!

Oh my god! I got such a huge headache and its been going on for a week already. I don't know the exact reason to why it feels like exploding but I think its just because I'm to stressed up. Everyone expects something from me, my parents, my relatives, my teachers, my friends and also "her". I hope I just can find a way out of this "misery business" and get myself together. Exams are this year and I got to do well. I got to show to people, prove myself to them that I'm not a lazy bastard. Ha ha! Just a term I like to use. So, I'm just hoping now that some of you guys could actually help me get back on the right track. Firstly, I'd like to stop smoking, then I'd like to actually start studying and then maybe try to win "her" heart. Lol! These are my three wishes at the moment.


Hariz said...

Dude stop smoking man..
Its a big turn off 2 gals..haha..
n study hard wey..
U can do it!!lol

X.Jun said...

Wey rish,don't over-pressurize yourself huh - .. -" !

Aahed,all the teachers expect 6 A Gigih to do better,we must work it out together to prove that both of us in 6 A Gigih are smart eggheads!*Egghead huh,thanks Pn.Hazlin for been teaching us MUET >.< "
Even En.Kamaruddin also kept on teasing us didn't proceed our course works...really tired of being teased by him.

Stop smoking lar wey...don't follow what Mr.Lim has said "That Deng Xiao Peng smoked but still lived until 80 something and he did swim across Hwang Ho River....." this is nonsense,haha~
You can do it!! All the best.

*Sorry for being so nag...but it's only for my buddies.

AzzE said...

its not really a turn off 4 gals if a guy smokes
just dont b a heavy smoker =)

harishrasydan said...

I aint a heavy smoker...