Monday, June 29, 2009

Haircut anyone?

I got this one friend,
his name is Zarif,
so damn "market",
with his bootcut pants,
corduroi shoes,
aerodynamic hair,
and many more!

but for your guys information,
hes also an excellent hairdresser!
cool eyh!
ha ha!

heres some proof~

the salon is located in the toilet on the 3rd floor of block H


hafyz_dinh said...

sebab zarif terrer bikin rambot sendiri arr die ley bikin rambot org...
sape2 nak gunting ley call die...


hahaha... =D

harishrasydan said...

rambut dye sgt larh market n very d aerodynamic!

A'a said...

hahaha wah can open a barber shop eyy. and did i hear someone singing akim af 7's song?? ahahaha

ayieq said...

haha awesome, i think i know him. but taktau lak dia ade hidden talent.

Hariz said...

he is cool..
but not as cool as me..LOL..
i dont need to cut hair 2 be cool.LOL.

harishrasydan said...

akim af 7's song??
me no understandie~