Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleeping with the fishes...

Last week, Hariz, Xian Jun, Chi Zhyi and Karthik went to feed the fishes in the small river behind our class. We fed them first grade Gardinea bread. Good for health! hehe! At first I dind't know how big the fish were, then when one came to eat up the bread pieces, I saw it..... It was so big man! As big as my forearm! My dreams of swimming in the river again was gone! haiya.... And so we fed the fish until they were bloated not realizing it was already recess, so we rushed back to the canteen to feed ourselves! ahhaa!!

Hariz looking for the fishes

"Where lah the fish??"


Hariz said...

we r so kind to help feed de fishes ar..hahahha

harishrasydan said...


were good~