Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love the "beach"!

I often use this word nowadays. Its more directed to girls. Translated to English, "pantai" is beach. People must be wondering why beach? Well, actually I'm trying to say BITCH, but this word is too harsh and inappropriate to be said out loud, although it merely bring the meaning of a female dog. Corresponding to its meaning and why it is use on women and girls is because, certain; not all, have the same characteristics as a female dog, or in other words, bitch. To be more precise, these women I'm talking about are offering themselves to be 'used' or pleasure their opposite or equal sexes without a conscience (selfthought). Throwing away their pride and water face just to please their sexual drives or 'hobbies'. This so very disheartening to listen to, I know, because I know some of these "pantai's" and I myself have encountered a few. To some it may be a blessing, especially to men who are sexually active or bored doing nothing, and out of no where here comes a nice 'chick' to please them, but to others, it is a disrespecting act and can only be looked in disgust. To me, I don't mind if you are sexually active, but in a boundary of a relationship or in secrecy, but if you're the type where you boast you're attributes and share it with the whole world or pass it around like some kind of prize or something, this is really not the right thing to do. I'm not sure why there are these kind of people but the fact the matter is that they exist and if you happen to meet them, do something about it. I know it would certainly be hard to actually even say anything, but at least try. For sure there will be oppositions to this idea, but at least think about it. Is it right to let men share your pussy?

no offence to women,

this post is merely an opinion,
and it is also only about certain women,
I truly know that not all of the women are like this.
We have our respect.