Monday, August 31, 2009


I am in envy when I just heard my friend got a brand new DSLR camera. Well, that's not the story. The thing that I want to talk about is what we talked about after fiddling with his new gadget.

Our future. Whats in store for us after this? After the STPM exams and the question is where are we heading to create our life. To be comfortable and unresolved, never hesitating to wonder what are we up to at one particular moment in time. We don't think of it often but it still lingers in our mind. How is it possible to make our dreams come true when we are not even trying our best. Settling only for 'just enough'. Is this good? I don't think so. More like, I'm worthless or I don't give a shit about it. Why do we have this attitude draping our lives, not collaborating with better neurons in our brain to figure out the best way to succeed? "Aren't we all running", a song I like to listen to by 65 Days of Static. It doesn't have any lyrics but the mood and set of the song is much heavy and the title itself gives us a true question to ask ourselves. Why should we run? Shouldn't we face our fears and hurdles? Laziness dwindles in our bodies as it is a deadly sin brought on by demons polluting our minds through the new millennium's medias. We don't always get a second chance in life. So my advice is that we should do our best sincerely in whatever we do in life and always be grateful thanking God with what he has be-stow upon us.


Good luck to my friends in the STPM trials.
Happy 52nd Merdeka day to Malaysia.
And congratulations to Zaid with his new Nikon D-60!


a d a h. said...

haha. jeles sudah ng zaid punyer D60 dye plak. haha. x pe. kumpul duit ye.

Hariz said...

Dude. Hope ull have a great future man..
dont forget me when u become famous..
Anywy good luck with for the trials!!

a d a h. said...

alahai. mcm sedih jerk. jgn la sedih~
wish u best if lucks for ur trial ((:

harishrasydan said...

thnx guys 4 d support!

harishrasydan said...

i got a SLR at home~
SLR u knw..
not 'D'SLR~

if still dunnoe..
its like DSLR,
but use film!