Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I surely have to give myself a pat on the back for trying out for the 400 metre run. I also tried the 100 metre dash yesterday and I managed to pass the time mark. Happy I am. But it was just a try, not going for the real competition, like as if I'm a sprinter. Ha ha! However, for today's run, I had a little warm-up and then took part in the race. First lap was okay to me because at least I ran in one pack with the other runners. But as I entered the second lap; our school field is kind of small so that's why there were two laps, I couldn't pick my legs up, and stride further. I almost couldn't feel it. I pushed my self till the last bend and I saw the last little bit of stretch to cover, but my legs were already to weak to go on. Trying to keep my pace, I heard the whistle and I looked up to see that the finish line was just a couple of yards ahead. Damn! Just a little bit more. I just almost did it.

At least I know I'm much more fit then You Jun. Ha ha!


Hariz said...

Really dude!!
U wer great jus now!!!
I bet u cud have fnsh dat race with a bit more trainin..
anywy a job well done dude!!
u did great man!!
i was actually shocked 2 c u run dat fast..
Cool dude..

hafyz_dinh said...

you jun???
4 sure laaa...

harishrasydan said...

it was juz hard work n confidence put to gud use~