Friday, February 13, 2009


No! Not again! I took a nice picture of myself and Zaid when I slept over his house that day. He looked quite retarded and my legs were as long as Gisele Bundchen's! Ha ha! But then, bloody hell, my phone had its cocked up moment again. It was just taken, a nice picture I thought, but then it was haunted and possessed by an old picture I took a long time ago with my friends at the new library. The funny thing is that I already deleted that picture a long time ago. But how the hell did it managed to come back? Damn! My phone ain't spoilt, its haunted!

This is a continuation of my documentation of my phone's journey to destruction or maybe now to hell! Its possessed by demons, demons I tell U!!!


Hariz said...

eh throw awy ur fon la wey!!

harishrasydan said...

i dun wanna!
i love my fon!!