Friday, February 13, 2009

EC, Glorious And Victorious!

Alright then, on Thursday, EC had its sports day. But that isn't what I'm 'reporting. Ha ha! Its what happened after that which is the content of my title for today. Rugby, "its a barbarians game played by gentlemen." A wise man once told me. A great game indeed. EC has been powering through with its great and wonderful record in sports, football, hockey and also rugby. Last Thursday, after the Sports Day, we had a match against SMK Teknik Tanjung Puteri. It was the first game of our road to grabbing back the MSSD title from current holders, SMK TSNI, also known as Majidee. As always, first test matches are a nervous beginning. We started of fine with a great win over SMKT Tanjung Puteri, 68-0. Not to brag, but it was an easy win. Next was our match against SDARY, not sure what it stands for but we don't care because we were ready to win! The match was in the early morning of today, Friday. We came in victorious again with a win of 48-0. Again, quite an easy win. Ha ha! Then in the evening, we had a match against SSI, on the same day! Damn, my guys were tired! But again, we were winning with the score at the start of the second half, 38-0. The match was cut short and we were declared winners because SSI couldn't control their temper and the referee stopped the match before it got dirty. So, tomorrow we are going into the semi-finals and hope to get into the finals. Not sure who were up against but were are aiming for one thing and one thing only, the title! Wish us luck and feel free to come supprt us at SMK Dato Osman Awang, Perling, morning and evening if we managed to get into the finals. 

p.s. I didn't get to play this time because the coach, En Mohd Piza b Yahya appointed me his assistant. What an honour!

Sorry no pictures, was too busy yelling and managing my team! Ha ha!

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Hariz said...

Eh u guys r gonna play usman awang next ar??
eh i wanna follow u guys..
tell me whens de match