Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, not again?!

Damn, it happened again. My camera cocked-up and produced this picture. This is a continuation of the documentary of my phone on its road to destruction! Ha ha! So, about this picture, it was taken just a couple of days ago, as I was on my way to Zaid's house for a weekend sleepover. My mom was beside me driving the car and I was just fiddling with my phone, taking pictures and suddenly 'it' happened. After I took the picture I looked at it, it was kind of blurry so I tried to zoom in, then it just got jammed. So, I restarted my phone and looked at it again, and thus, this was the crappy result!


zaidsukatimbulkankontroversi said...

nasihat aku;

bukak tingkap masa mak kau nga drive.

n then campak fon tu keluar.

harishrasydan said...

gud idea~

k08_resh said...

YO BRO!! SO happy regarding nurulfatin!! whoa.. finally..:)ur hot wei.. haha.. youjun was giving excuses sayin he was in uniform and not in the right attire and all.. haha.. LOWE SUCKS but the CAPTAIN RULEZ! ehehe,,,

harishrasydan said...

yeah man!

alaar, all excuses laar!
i still beat him!!

i knoe lowe sucks cock one..